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About Us

Possibilities of the company
The company has two central reactors, each with a mixer capacity of 22 cubic meters per hour
15 Mixer (Crushed) Type Fico Man
4 Different pumps of excitation
4 Boz for the transfer of cement in addition to the transfer of Cree and Nis (sand)
An integrated laboratory with specialized engineers
Special cooling water cooler
5 silos for cement storage 120 tons

Our Mission:
Meet the building needs of our customers and fulfill our commitment, commitment and honesty in our performance as a distinct company in the production of prefabricated concrete.
Our Target
Help our clients meet the challenges of building through our products to suit the privacy needs of our customers.

Our Quality:
We adhere to high quality and carry out the work in accordance with scientific planning and organization to achieve high efficiency in implementation

Our equipment:
We have international equipment with high efficiency and ability to deliver efficiently and in the fastest time and under any circumstances.
Technical Processors: We provide the best solutions to improve the quality of concrete and perform laboratory tests to ensure the best product and the highest image.

Raw materials : We use the best raw materials and reliable sources of quality.

الالتزام : We are committed to fulfilling our commitments to the clients and implementing them on the agreed dates without any delay.